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Industry is textiles and clothing of the few industries that are all fully operational within the country. And a cotton-ba
sed industries, the backbone of this sector and are a major source of competitive advantage enjoyed by Egypt in this field.

Cover the production chain all the operations of cotton processing, spinning, weaving, sewing and
making clothes and furniture. It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian textile industry enjoys a good reputation. Egypt is the largest African countries and the second largest Middle Eastern countries in the export of textile and garment exports to the United States.
Is also involved Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco in 95% of total EU imports of clothing from the partner countries in the Mediterranean basin and the 12 state.
The public sector is responsible for 90% of the activity of cotton yarn and 60% of the production of fiber and 30% of the clothes.
According to estimates by the Investment Authority in 2006-2007 to about 6.5% of foreign direct investment in the industry, or 3% of the total foreign investment is directed to the textile sector, textile and garments.
The fabric production 16.3% of the total industrial production in Egypt, and the total investment in the textile sector $ 8 billion.
Textile exports are about 25% of the total Egyptian exports. It consists Textiles and clothing from 4,491 companies employing 30% of the total workforce in the industrial sector in Egypt